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Peloton Bike factory reset instructions

Here is how to perform a factory reset. Please keep in mind you’ll need to re-activate your bike after a factory reset.

  1. Turn the touchscreen off by holding down the power button and selecting “Shut Down”.
  2. Hold down the volume up button on the touchscreen and the power button at the same time. The touchscreen will power on and the Peloton logo will appear after a couple of seconds.
  3. A menu will then appear to the left of the Peloton logo, with “Select Boot Mode” and the options “Recovery Mode” “Fastboot Mode” and “Normal Boot”.
  4. Use the volume up to navigate and the volume down to select. Navigate using the up volume key to “Recovery” and use the down button to select it.
  5. The screen will show text that says “No command.” From this screen, hold the power button, tap the volume up button, then release the power button. This will allow access to the advanced system recovery menu.
  6. Use the volume buttons to navigate to “Wipe All User Data / Factory Reset” and use the power button to select it.
  7. Confirm by selecting “Yes --Delete All User Data. Once the data has been wiped, select “Reboot System Now.”
  8. The screen will reboot to the Peloton logo followed by the normal activation sequence.

Note: following a factory reset of the Peloton Bike console, you must reactivate your commercial subscription for that Bike. To do so, please follow these detailed instructions, as following these specific steps is critical to configuring your bike for commercial use. If you do not know your activation key, the fastest way to get it is to check your onboarding email documentation. You may also contact, and we can look it up.

If neither of these steps worked to install the update, and your bike still shows that you have an update to install, we may need to do advanced troubleshooting. Please contact our Commercial Support team at or call 855.662.7356, so that we can help you.